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Why This Topic?

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As you’ve probably already noticed, I’ve written a few posts about a topic that many Christians have questions about, are clueless of, or just don’t care about. There are these four verses in Genesis 6 that come out of nowhere, stay for a moment, and then leave. There are two verses on the Nephilim at the end of Numbers 13. 2 Peter and Jude have some strange things to say about angels that sinned. Is this related or are they speaking of something we will never know about in this lifetime? 

Why blog about something as silly as this? There are bigger issues going around… like Starbucks red coffee cups. 


I’m blogging about it because it interests me, it’s helped answer some questions (or at least stir the cauldron in my head), and I want to provide you with some thoughts on Heiser’s book The Unseen Realm. I’ll let you know this about myself: I’m not into ‘weird’ books that deal with spiritual beings, UFOs, aliens, and conspiracy theories. There are too many books out there and I don’t have the time. Mari and I plan to attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I would like to become a teach one day. In the meantime, I devour books. Theological books. Commentaries even. 

“Oh, the horror,” you must be thinking.


Just a few weeks ago Heiser posted about his thoughts on the possible source of demons. It’s more compelling with other theories I’ve heard. However, when you look down at the comments (as one does when they want to have fun), it’s a pretty sad state of affairs. There are some who actually try to assist in the conversation, and then everyone else who either misses the point of the post or flames the author and anyone else who stands in their way. 

My Point: Regardless of whether you agree with these posts or not, please keep thoughts and your comments warm and cordial. This isn’t simply a monologue. I’d love to talk about this with you if you have any thoughts, but using terms like “idiot” and assuming that you and “your people” are always correct only frustrates the conversation. It’s like smashing a banana out of its peel. The conversation will still come out, but it’s gonna be a mess. So you can be as weird and as much of a conspiracy theorist as your heart desires you to be, but be relaxed. 

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