A Scholar's Devotion

A Scholar’s Devotion with Michael Haykin

Going through seminary, students are taught to study the Bible and uphold its doctrines about God while also being encouraged not to neglect their devotional times with God. Yet during my own devotional time I, and probably many others, often asked myself, “Is this the best way to grow spiritually, or is there a better way? What could I do differently? Should I incorporate my studies with my devotions?”  

In this series I ask a different scholar two questions about how he or she spends time with the Lord and continues to love him with all their mind, strength, and heart. While no one method or style is “the only way,” we can draw on one another’s experiences. 

This week I have asked Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin if he would share his thoughts with us.

1. How do you spend your devotional time with the Lord?

Obviously this would include prayer & Scripture reading. I work through the whole Bible in a year with a modified version of Robert Murray McCheyne’s method. While I do miss days here and there, my aim is to read consecutively through the Word of God.

I sometimes read with a journal and note things that strike me about the text that relate to my life. I also love to use the 1662 Anglican Book of Common Prayer, but again the challenge here is to be consistent.

I do follow the church calendar and feel it is a great help spiritually. At certain times of the year (like Christmas, New Year, and Easter) I will devote a block of time to prayer and meditation. I also make a point of praying frequently during the day when I have times of waiting (in lines at the supermarket or other venues).

2. How do you practically seek to deepen your love for Christ? 

I meditate regularly on his mercy, love, and on his holiness. I seek to stir myself to do good works for those who come across my path and to kindle a desire to be useful to my fellow believers and fellow human beings. In some ways, this must be done through the various callings in my life as a husband, father, and historian.

Michael A. G. Haykin is both Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality and Director of The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he is Professor of Church History at Heritage College and Seminary in Ontario, Canada. He has edited The Essential Lexham Dictionary of Church History, has written on John Owen, women of faith, the importance of the Church Fathers, sacrament in the Baptist tradition, and numerous other books. He also writes about church history on Substack.

Thank you, Dr. Haykin!

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