Busy Days Ahead

I just wanted to write a quick update as to what is going on around here. Right now I usually review theology books on Mondays and children’s books on Fridays, and I post A Scholar’s Devotion on Tuesdays. I’m nearing the end of my list of scholars, so I need to send out some more emails. I also have a stack of books here that I’m slowly working through. Children’s books don’t take long to read, and they don’t take long to review either. But I don’t want to breeze through them just to get them done. They may not take long, but I still want the review to be good and fun (there’s one review I need to fix, actually).

I have a good slew of books from New Growth Press, a fun publisher with excellent biblical counseling resources. Many of those will be up this month. I have a few from the Good Book Company and one from Baylor Press I’m pressing through. The books aren’t the problem though. They’re great. Life is uber busy right now, and I’ll post more on that fairly soon. Hopefully things will be somewhat normal after the new year. I doubt I’ll keep up with the Monday/Tuesday/Friday pace, but there will be books to review, articles to right on, and news to share for sure. Thanks for sticking with me.

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