Early December Kindle Deals + My Logos Book Sale

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Kindle Deals

The original Kindle

Here are a lot of good kindle deals. The first by Carson & Co. is excellent. See the books by Heiser, the (free) books by Wilson, and the Son of God book by Carson.





Logos Sale

Logos 8 Review
I will review Logos 8 in a few weeks too

I’m selling a few resources of mine:

$300, 13 NIGTC volumes

  1. 13 volume New International Greek Testament Commentary series (NIGTC).
  2. And for an extra $20 I’ll throw in two more books (on the website they are both $20 each, so I’m selling them at half price):
    1. The Message of Jeremiah (Wright)
    2. IVPNT Philippians (Fee) (helpful since O’Brien’s volume is no longer part of the NIGTC series. The IVPNT series is not nearly as academic as as the NIGTC though).

$200, 8 Pillar Volumes

  1. I’m also selling my 8 Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC) volumes for $200. This is a fantastic series. Altogether they would go for at least $275 (so $34 each). At $200 they are now $25 each.  
    1. Mark (Edwards)
    2. Luke (Edwards)
    3. John (Carson)
    4. 1 Corinthians (Ciampa/Rosner)
    5. 2 Corinthians (Seifrid)
    6. Philippians (Hansen)
    7. Colossians/Philemon (Moo)
    8. James (Moo)

There is a $20 transfer fee (required by Logos), so if you bundle some of these together (like the Jeremiah and Philippians volumes, with one of the larger packs), you can save some. I will pay the transfer fee for the NIGTC set. 

If you are interested my email is Of you can find me on Facebook or Twitter (see the links at the top right corner of the page). 

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