Giveaway: (1) “Reformation Theology” and (2) “Delighting in the Trinity”

This week I’ll be giving away Matthew Barrett’s “Reformation Theology” to one lucky winner and Michael Reeves’ “Delighting in the Trinity” to another lucky winner.

(1) Reformation Theology

Covering the background and theology of the Reformation, this book is a massive undertaking covering the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, baptism, justification, sanctification, what it means to be created in the image of God, and more.

You can read more about it on Amazon.

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(2) Delighting in the Trinity

Why is God love?  Because God is a Trinity.
Why can we be saved?  Because God is a Trinity.
How are we able to live the Christian life?  Through the Trinity.

Michael Reeves gives a fantastic introduction to Christianity and the Christian life rooted in the Trinity. We don’t need to shy away from talking about our triune God, but, instead, we can delight and rejoice in it. This was, hands down, my favorite book in Bible college. You can read my review here.

You can read more about it on Amazon.

(I can’t get it to show up here, so you’ll have to click the link below. U.S. addresses only. Sorry, international shipping costs a lot!)

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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I receive a percentage of revenue if you buy from Amazon on my blog. 

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