Biblical Theology

“What Is Biblical Theology?” Table of Contents

To give you an idea of the book, here’s a look at the Table of Contents:

1. A Better World Breaks Through
2. What Is Biblical Theology?

Part 1: The Bible’s Big Story
3. The Narrative
4. Plot: Conflict, Episodes, and Theme
5. The Mystery

Part 2: The Bible’s Symbolic Universe
6. What Do Symbols Do?
7. Imagery
8. Typology
9. Patterns

Part 3: The Bible’s Love Story
10. A Song for the Lady in Waiting: The Bride of Christ in Biblical Theology
11. The Church’s Identity in the Story
12. The Church’s Setting in the Story
13. The Church’s Plot Tension and Its Resolution

The 3 main sections of this book can be simplified into 3 words:
Story, Symbol, and Church.

I’ve made it up to Chapter 11: The Church’s Identity in the Story, and so far I’m really enjoying this book. It’s simple, yet good. Basic, but deep. I’ve read of a lot of what he’s saying from one of his other books (God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment), but this is still great stuff. There are new insights that I hadn’t seen before. It’s a quick and fairly easy read for anyone and everyone.

More on this book soon.

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