Spoiled Milk Blog

If you’re thinking this is the Spoiled Milk Blog, you’re correct.
Only now it’s not Spoiled Milk Blog.
It’s Spoiledmilks.
I did this because I like the name better, it’s a little simpler, and I doubt there have been enough people on this page to be disappointed with the name change.

Now with the rest of the summer is ahead of me, I plan to be on here more.

Rob Bell

As of late I’d like to review some of Rob Bell’s books. You might originally know him from his NOOMA films which were from the 2000s. Or you might know him from many of his some-what controversial books like Velvet Elvis and Sex God to his much-what controversial turnover Love Wins. I’ve seen an Amazon reviewer liken Love Wins to C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce (interesting connection, I must say). I have yet to read the book though.

Bell even has a new book out called What We Talk About When We Talk About God. His books are controversial, and I want to know why . What do I think about it? I can read all the reviews about it that I want, but I won’t know what it says until I read the real thing.

If anyone has any of these books I would love to read them.
Maybe they’ll even show up on here.

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