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Book Review: Nature Anatomy Notebook (Julia Rothman)

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Earlier this summer I reviewed Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy, which is a fun book for kids about the world around them: trees, mushrooms, squirrels, clouds, grizzly bears, owls, ecosystems, storms and rainbows, etc. The book is intended to encourage kids to go outside and observe the nature around them. To inspire them, Julia has come out with a notebook to be used specifically in conjunction with Nature Anatomy.

At least some of the anatomy pictures are found in Nature Anatomy, such as the bee (69).

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.30.02 AM


This is a nice addition to Nature Anatomy, though whether you buy it is up to you and what your child is like. Perhaps all they need is Rothman’s book and a small notebook, or just a small notebook, something that is definitely smaller and easier to carry. Though this notebook lends itself to the imagination more than a blank notebook does. And if that helps get your kids off the sofa, it’s worth considering.

You could also buy the rest of the collection: Farm Anatomy (my review) and Food Anatomy.


Buy it on Amazon or from Storey Publishing!

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