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Logos Book Review: The Letters of 2 Peter and Jude (PNTC), Peter Davids


Having just posted my book review of Peter Davids’ 2 Peter and Jude volume in the PNTC series, I will now tell you why I enjoyed reading this volume on Logos.


This is my first Logos book review, and it’s also the first commentary that I’ve read through on Logos. What did I learn?

I learned that reading a commentary on Logos is pretty awesome. While I enjoy all the dorky stuff of having the physical book in my hands, underlining and highlighting, etc, I’ve found that reading a book (more so a commentary) on Logos saves time and space (especially with the international lifestyle I seem to be living now).

  • Need to move to a different country for work/school/marriage? Everything you need is on your computer.
  • Can’t remember where that awesome quote is? Now you can Search for it without having to flip through pages that all look the same.
    Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 21.23.28
  • Not sure of what it means that “angels didn’t stay in their positions of authority”? I can open up the Passage Guide and look at what a host of Commentaries say on Jude 6 (e.g., some of the commentaries that come up for me are the PNTC, NAC, Socio-Rhetorical, and IVP Bible Background volumes. Granted, some will have more [WBC, NICNT, BECNT, Paideia, etc] and some will have less).
    1 Passage Guide
  • If a footnote is given I can hover over the number, and if I have the reference (ancient literature, book, commentary) I can click it and it brings it right up (see the “Lightfoot’s Apostolic Father’s in English” tab on the right).
    1 Extended Reading

Here’s a video below which shows you how to do some of what I’m talking about.

Also, you can look at this page and see how Logos can save you time on sermon preparation (rather than having to sift through all of those books, writing everything down from scratch). Below, you can see how I can have both the commentary and the Lexham Bible Dictionary open on my screen at once, saving desk space and saving time by not having to look up the reference in book itself.

Logos 3


If you’re looking for a commentary on 2 Peter and Jude, Davids volume is an excellent work that I highly recommend (along with Scheriner [NAC], and probably Green [BECNT], Bauckham [WBC], and Moo [NIVAC]). You would do well to get them all on Logos. As I mentioned before in my previous review, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this commentary. Usually when I review or use a commentary for teaching, I read though most of the commentary or just the main sections to understand how the commentator is writing and what their aim is. Yet with this commentary I actually took out my Bible and took notes for both books. Though this is shorter than other commentaries (really only 318 pages), Davids’ conclusions make sense and are easy to follow. Yes, he can be dense at times with the (though good) secondary literature and grammar discussions, it is a fine commentary.


Buy it on Logos

Disclosure: I received this book free from Logos. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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