Why Spoiled Milks?

Below are links to how I came up with Spoiledmilks (really, how the name happened to me), and why I kept it. Short story: in college I had a bad bowl of Frosted Flakes. The milk was old, my tongue was fuzzy, and these frosty fakes tasted all too much like Fruity Pebbles. Side note: the milk was two weeks old. This began my journey of blogging on MySpace–posts about nothing but my spaced thoughts warped by the milk.

This journey had a few more bumps along the road. The milk was not always at its peak freshness. 

When I began this blog, I kept the name because some would be familiar with it. I incorporated the spoiled milk theme into my book reviews. The good parts of books were placed under the sweet heading of “The Chocolate Milk,” while poorer sections were  headed up with “The Spoiled Milk.” I’ve not used those headings as much lately, but they still manage find their way around this place. 

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