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OT Prophecies in Matthew’s Gospel

Perhaps you’ve seen a table like this before, but in Kostenberger, Kellum, and Quarles’ NT Introduction The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown, they provide a table of Jesus’ Fulfillment of OT Prophecy in Matthew’s Gospel. I thought I would include it here because, upon looking at it, there are plenty more fulfillments than I thought there were. Jesus is the Messiah predicted in the Hebrew Scriptures, a theme highlighted especially in Matthew 1-4. “Virtually every significant event in Jesus’ life is shown to fulfill Scripture” (214). It’s a bit cramped, but hopefully still readable.

Event in Jesus’ Life


OT Passage

The virgin birth and name of Jesus


Isa 7.14; 8.8,10

Bethlehem, Jesus’ birthplace


Mic 5.2

The flight to Egypt


Hos 11.1

The slaying of infants by Herod


Jer 31.15

Jesus called a Nazarene (“branch”)


Isa 11.1; 53.2

John the Baptist’s ministry

   3.3; 11.10

Isa 40.3; Mal 3.1

The temptation of Jesus


Deut 6.13,16; 8.3

The beginning of Jesus’ ministry


Isa 9.1-2

Jesus’ healing ministry

   8.17; 11.5; 12.17-21

Isa 53.4; 35.5-6; 42.18; 61.1

Division brought by Jesus


Mic 7.6

Jesus’ gentle style of ministry


Isa 42.1-4

Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection


Jonah 1.17

Hardened response to Jesus

   13.14-15; 15.7-9; 21.33,42

Isa 5.1-2; 6.9-10; 29.13; Ps 118.22-23

Jesus’ teaching in parables


Ps 78.2

Jesus’ triumphal entry


Isa 62.11; Ps 118.26

Jesus’ cleansing of the temple


Isa 56.7; Jer 7.11

Jesus as Son and Lord of David

   1.1; 22.44

Ps 110.1

Lament over Jerusalem


Jer 12.7; 22.5; Ps 118.26

Judas’ betrayal of Jesus


Zech 11.12

Peter’s denial


Zech 13.7

Jesus’ arrest


The Scriptures, the Prophets

Judas’s death


Zech 11.12-13; Jer 32.6-9

Jesus the righteous sufferer


Pss 22.1,7-8,18; 69.21

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